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7 Must Know Orthopedic Technology Trends7 Must Know Orthopedic Technology Trends

Technology and healthcare industries are interconnected. Orthopedic technology is a concept that helps orthopedic healthcare professionals with the support of technology. It is a wide subject and includes different concepts in it. New applications and trends come in the orthopedic technology industry most of the day, helping the market to grow rapidly. AI has played a big role in the evolution of the orthopedic technology market. Along with AI, there are many more concepts too. Keep reading to find the trending technologies in the orthopedic sector.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare professionals can save time and enhance patient care with a perfect combination of surgical abilities and technology. Orthopedic surgeons can use AI in preoperative surgery to upload the image of the patient in 2D or 3D. Thus, they can use the benefits provided by medical imaging. After uploading, surgeons can make use of tools like digital templating or automatic bone segmentation. AI algorithms also help to help in planning procedures such as knee osteotomy automatically in just 10 seconds. The template will be chosen according to the measurements taken during the surgical planning and will be placed in the perfect position.

  • Digital Templating

Digital templating refers to the process in which the best implant size is chosen. It also helps surgeons to remain updated. The latest biomedical materials and templates will be updated in the databases constantly, which are easily accessible.

  • Medical Apps

Medical applications came to the arena with the widespread use of tablets, smartphones, and wearables. Many orthopedic doctors use medical apps in their daily clinical sessions. Some of these apps offer an ideal platform for team communication, real-time patient care, and help in medical calculations. There are medical apps exclusively for specific areas.

  • Augmented reality

Augmented reality refers to a display technology connecting the real world and the virtual world. It helps orthopedic surgeons to combine their real-world view with the preoperative arrangement of information or digital images. Thus, surgeons can view the parts of the anatomy of the patient without an X-ray machine.

  • PACS

Picture Archiving and Communication System or PACS is an ideal cloud-based solution, similar to iCloud or Google Drive. It acts as a bridge between imaging technologies and people who want the collected images, eliminating the trouble of finding physical files.

  • Computer Assisted Surgery

Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) is a procedure in which technology is used in surgical procedures. For example, orthopedic surgeons can try using navigation technologies in spine surgeries for perfect angling, viewing, and tracking. The process of CAS may begin even before the patient enters the preoperative room, making maximum use of preoperative orthopedic and imaging technologies.

  • Data Science

It is also called Big Data and is used to improve decision-making in clinical practices. Data Science or Big Data supports AI technology and backs some of the popular orthopedic technologies mentioned above. This technology was used during the COVID-19 crisis to forecast, translate, and execute efficient policies. This technology can be considered a game-changer for healthcare professionals. The best use of Data Science can help them become orthopedic technologists.