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What Activities Can I Participate in After I Recover? Print E-mail

After undergoing an artificial hip replacement, you need to have realistic expectations about what type of activities you can participate in. There are different risks associated with different types of activities. Some activities can lead to damage of the joint over time due to wear and tear of the joint. In general, the more vigorous the activity, the higher risk of damaging the implant, increasing the wear and tear on the implant or increasing the risk of loosening of the implant.

Activities that cause high impact stresses on the implant should be avoided. These types of activities include competitive racquet sports such as tennis, squash and racquetball. High impact aerobics and jogging should also be avoided. Lower stress activities such as golf, hiking, walking, biking, and swimming are excellent forms of exercise for patients with an artificial hip replacement.

Some activities are dangerous because they have a high risk of injuring you. For example, rough contact sports such as football, soccer, motor cross, basketball and volleyball are dangerous because the joint may be injured. Falling or getting tangled with opponents can result in either a dislocation of the joint itself, or a fracture of the bone around the implant. These activities should be avoided. Remember, if you have questions about your activities, ask your doctor.


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