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Douglas H. Print E-mail

I was a framer in the construction trade for years, a very physical job that puts a lot of strain on the upper body. I dislocated my left shoulder while on the job when I was in my early 30s, and then again in my early 40s. A few years later, I reinjured the same shoulder after falling off my motorcycle.

I developed arthritis as a result of these continued injuries, and the pain got so bad that I couldn’t sleep very well at night. To make it worse, a few years ago I was riding my bicycle with my dog and got hurt again after falling when his leash got tangled with my bike.

When I was remodeling my house a few years ago, I fell and broke my knee. The ER referred me to Dr. Reynolds, who was able to treat my knee without surgery. About six months later, I fell and broke my ankle and foot. I visited another local ER and was referred to a different orthopaedist in town for treatment. At that time, I mentioned my shoulder and the orthopaedist tried to address my pain with injections. It temporarily eased the pain but ultimately didn’t work. I tried a few different things, like acupuncture, but again, only got temporary relief.

I’m now 58, and thankfully I’m a superintendent at work so don’t have the same physical strain each day. From the continued injuries and the arthritis, I had to take Aleve daily for some relief. I knew I’d probably need some surgery, but kept putting it off.

When it came down to making the decision, it wasn’t a difficult choice for me to see Dr. Reynolds again. I had good experience with him after I broke my knee, and knew his reputation as the “go-to” doctor for shoulders. In addition, Dr. Reynolds performed shoulder surgery on my good friend and his wife, who were both very satisfied with their outcomes.

We discussed the possibility of a partial shoulder replacement, but in reviewing the MRI with me, Dr. Reynolds felt that the total shoulder replacement was the best choice. I may have the nickname as “Dangerous Doug,” but I’m still an active guy and want to continue to be. I’ve ridden motorcycles for most of my life, and water-ski and jet ski, too. The total shoulder replacement would give me the best chance to get rid of the pain as well as continue my activities.

Dr. Reynolds did the Total Shoulder Replacement on Christmas Eve Day 2010. The total recovery time is estimated at six months, but I’ve beat the time expectations so far. I had physical therapy with [?] on their staff, and did the exercises every morning and night. By my three-month checkup, I had a lot more movement than Dr. Reynolds expected.

I can really only think of one word about my experience with Dr. Reynolds – grateful. I’m grateful for the attention I received from the SCOI staff, their responsiveness and professionalism. I’m grateful that I was listened to and all my questions were answered. Most of all, I’m grateful to be rid of the constant pain and have the opportunity to regain my activities. I plan to be back waterskiing by June, just six months after my surgery.


My ankle replacement surgery saved me from a movement limiting fusion.  Almost a year after surgery, I have a normal, functioning ankle with minimal swelling and pain.  Dr Abidi's staff can offer everything from x-rays to orthotics on site, delivered with a smile and expert knowledge.


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In 2010, we moved to a new location:
at 4140 Jade St.,
Suite 100 Capitola, CA

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