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Rich M. Print E-mail

I had a trauma to my knee when I was 28, which was pretty severe. I broke the tibia and fibula, tore the ACL and dislocated my kneecap. I had surgery, but my leg was never fully right – I couldn’t get full flexion in my knee. But it was ok and held up many years, and I’m pretty active.

The last couple years the condition deteriorated to bone-on-bone – not a great condition when I typically stand in an OR the entire day. I had more pain but didn’t really limit my activities– it’s just that they weren’t as pleasurable. I walk four to five miles several times a week, go to the gym and am an avid surfer.

I was also noticing that when my knee got worse, it was affecting my hip when I walked. Since I’m a nurse, I think I had pretty realistic expectations even without an MRI that arthroscopic surgery wasn’t going to help – I would need to get a full knee replacement.

I know Dr. Abidi from working with him many times in the OR at Dominican Hospital here in Santa Cruz. He has the reputation of being the “doctors’ doctor”. It wasn’t a hard choice since I knew he was the best. Our family also has had a lot of experience with Santa Cruz Orthopaedic Institute.

Dr. Abidi performed ankle surgery on my wife Elizabeth about four years ago, a Brostrum reconstruction, and just last year Dr. Reynolds operated on her shoulder to repair a cartilage tear. She feels great and has regained full mobility in her ankle and shoulder. And a few years ago, Dr. Reynolds operated on my shoulder to repair a labrum tear. I’m free of pain and regained full mobility and strength.

Dr. Abidi did a Total Knee Replacement on my right knee in spring 2011. I’m proud of being their fastest recoverer from knee surgery and have been free of pain within a few weeks after surgery. Since I surf from two to five days a week and walk regularly, I’ve been very committed to doing my physical therapy.

I’ve returned to work and was able to surf just 2.5 months after my Total Knee Replacement. The only pain I had was being a bit muscle sore – not joint sore. My knee felt great. The SCOI office staff, physicians’ assistants and physical therapists are also very professional and great to work with.

I’d recommend Dr. Abidi and the Santa Cruz Orthopaedic doctors for anyone who is putting off surgery, and especially to those who think they have to travel over the hill or go to a university hospital. There’s no need when we have such an accomplished group of surgeons right here in Santa Cruz County.


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