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Sandi D. Print E-mail

Age: 63
Occupation – Real Estate Office Manager
Location -- Aptos, California
Treatment: ASI Hip Replacement
Outcome: One of my major sources of exercise and enjoyment is working in my garden.  It keeps me busy throughout the spring and summer.  Over the course of a couple of years, I kept wondering why I was hurting so much working in the garden, or hiking with my husband, Mark.  I was experiencing pain in my right knee and hip that was just not going away.

The doctors I saw said it wasn’t arthritis, which I was glad to hear, but did say some cartilage had worn away in my hip.  I kept trying to endure it, thinking it would resolve over time, but the pain persisted.  I tried a few things – pain medication, physical therapy—but didn’t get any lasting relief.

Over a few years, the pain that started out small was getting worse.  My garden had gone from a work of art to “dog patch city.”  My husband Mark and I would travel each year to our place in Mexico, and the last trip we’d have to stop every few hours as I wasn’t comfortable sitting.  I also had some incidents happen—which in retrospect are kind of funny—that helped me take my pain more seriously.  

While leaving work one day, I was feeling so much pain and stiffness that I actually had to have a younger co-worker help me to my car.  I’m not that old, so it was a bit embarrassing.  I think the last straw was one day when I arrived home and could not get out of our car.  Mark had an important doctors’ appointment, and I knew it would take too long for him to help me into our house. I told him to leave me in the driveway.   After laying there for about an hour on a lawn furniture cushion, watching ants march by and waiting for Mark, I knew it was time for me to do something.

I went to my general physician who told me he had endured a lot of pain before going through shoulder surgery.  He encouraged me to do something beyond putting up with it. He referred me to Dr. Peter Reynolds at Santa Cruz Orthopaedic Institute.  I knew of Santa Cruz Orthopaedic because I had previously been in to see Dr. Abidi after I broke my foot in 2007.  He didn’t do surgery, instead fit me with a boot and sent me to physical therapy.   I felt comfortable knowing the office wasn’t going to arbitrarily send me to surgery if I didn’t need it.

By the time I saw Dr. Reynolds, it was bone-on-bone in my right hip. While I had a few injuries in the past—falling off a motorcycle and enduring a few minor car accidents—there was nothing that would lead to problems with my hip.  It was just wear and tear over time.  

Dr. Reynolds told me I could continue putting up with pain and accommodate it, or I could get a hip replacement.  At first hearing “hip replacement”, I thought it was “geezer-time” – this was something that happens to people much older!  And the thought of a foreign part in my body was intimidating.

I knew it was my choice, and finally decided to have the surgery, which was on Oct 21, 2010.  I can’t even feel the prosthesis – never did from day one.  I don’t feel any effects from cold winters either—it just feels like me.   

They scheduled me for physical therapy really quickly.  The day after, the hospital therapist had me up and trying to walk up steps.  I was a little “iffy” on crutches, so at first I used a walker, and was up walking around every day.  The physical therapist had me doing exercise three days after. I didn’t have any pain; I was just hesitant in knowing what I could do.

After a couple weeks on the walker, I started using a cane for close to a month. It was really quick.  I was off work for five weeks, something my company insisted on, but after a month I was thinking, “Can’t I go back to work?”  I was starting to go a bit stir-crazy.   

I continued physical therapy twice a week through the end of December 2010, and also exercised at home. The SCOI staff gave me a sheet with really simple stretches and exercises like bending down, stretching while holding on to furniture, things like that to get me back to normal activity.  

Now, I can walk up our hill, which is pretty steep, with no problem.  The last time I tried to walk up the hill with my son and his girlfriend, I was having a lot of trouble, but I wouldn’t let them go up and get the car.  While I’m not really an athlete—I’m not training for triathlons or anything—Mark and I are really active.  We go kayaking, we fully remodeled our place in Mexico—I even moved an entire set of furniture downstairs by myself.  I missed being able to do those kinds of things with my sore hip—now I feel confident of doing everything I had done before.   And my garden is again looking great.

I am so glad we have a group like Santa Cruz Orthopaedic in our area.  I was so pleased with the care I got from Dr. Reynolds and the entire staff—they were very professional and I had full confidence in everyone’s abilities.  I knew I wasn’t getting pushed into doing anything.  Now, my knee is beginning to hurt—my left leg, not the same as my hip.  From my experience, I’ll be addressing this sooner rather than later.


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