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Byrne K. Print E-mail

Name. K. Byrne

Age: 65


On 2/23/07, I left Watsonville on my way to my teaching job in Hollister.  I was involved in a head on motor vehicle accident struck by an unlicensed driver who was speeding around a blind curve thru a tunnel and lost control of her car on Highway 129. Her SVU struck my small Honda and rolled over the top. The engine of my car was pushed back into my vehicle 2 feet.  My injuries were extensive, C2 fracture, crushed ribs, punctured lungs, crushed wrists, both femurs, knees, ankles and heels, as well as a concussion. My shoulder belt had crushed my sternum and right chest; my lap belt cut into the abdomen and a foot of my intestine had to be removed. Both femurs were repaired using foot long plates and 18 screws; which I have since had removed.


I was airlifted to San Jose Regional Medical Center, after “dying twice on the way. At Regional, Dr. Abidi was one of twelve surgeons who put me back together  Dr. Abidi performed surgery to replace my right knee joint.  It was a great success. I am preparing to have my ankle repaired, as well as arthroscopic surgery on my left knee with Dr. Abidi.


I was in an induced coma for one month, another month in ICU and after that, spent another month in a rehabilitation facility in San Jose.  I was transferred to Dominican Hospital’s rehabilitation facility where I spent another month recovering and was then transferred to Pacific Coast Manor for 7 more months before being able to return home.


I returned to my teaching job using crutches and a wheelchair for a year and a half.  I have since retired from teaching and am now running a tutoring center and living a relatively normal life after an accident that I was not expected to survive let alone recover.


Now, 4 ½ years later, I want to thank Dr. Abidi and his staff for seeing me through this from beginning to now with more surgery to go.


Gratefully yours,

K. Byrne


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