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Lorrie J. Print E-mail

Occupation – Grocery Store Rile Maintenance Clerk

Location – Santa Cruz, California

Age – 51

Treatment – Physical therapy, orthotics for severe foot pain

I work at a grocery store hanging price tags and enjoy walking near the ocean several times a week, so I am on my feet most of the time.  A couple years ago I started experiencing a mysterious soreness on the top of my left foot, so painful that I wasn’t able to wear a shoe with a top for about a year.

When I got to work in the early mornings I’d take off my shoe and walk around, and I had to curtail my regular walks as I couldn’t even put on a tennis shoe.  I invested money in some expensive shoes and tried tying my shoes differently, but nothing helped.

I visited a podiatrist, who fitted me with a big boot that I wore regularly, so much that it wore out.  It didn’t really help, however, and I was finally referred to Santa Cruz Orthopaedic Institute and saw Dr. Nicholas Abidi, who is known for expertise in lower extremities.

Dr. Abidi scheduled an MRI in spring 2011 and he said it showed tendonitis and arthritis in my foot.  He recommended physical therapy, and I was schedule for about six visits.  The physical therapist gave me various stretches and exercises to increase my flexibility and lessen the pain in my foot.  On my own, I decided to try a vitamin routine with some essential oils in them, figuring it couldn’t hurt.

Dr. Abidi also gave me a boot for tendonitis to help stretch the tendon to alleviate the pain.  I had to wear it every day and even sleep in it, although that was pretty annoying.  Still, I used it pretty regularly for a few months, and over time with the exercises, the pain in my foot stopped.

I can wear any shoe now and have no foot pain at work, and am also back to my regular walks several times a week.  I’m really grateful that I got to see Dr. Abidi.  Truthfully, I was concerned that seeing an orthopaedist meant surgery, which I really wanted to avoid.  He took the time to figure out what was going on with me, and suggest different approaches to get rid of the pain.

The staff at Santa Cruz Orthopaedic Institute was really friendly and helpful—I didn’t have to wait a long time to get appointments, and when I was there they always let me know right away if they were running behind.  Also, everything is there under one roof.  Their in-house orthotist fit me with my boot at the time of my appointment – I didn’t have to run around to medical supply stores to find the right supplies.  Thanks, Dr. Abidi and Santa Cruz Orthopaedic.


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