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Greg M., RN

Location: Santa Cruz, California
Age: 51
Treatment: Broken ankle
Outcome: “Excellent non-surgical care for my broken ankle!  Dr. Abidi was dead on in recommending a cast followed by early exercises and stretching.  Got me back on my feet without surgery.  Thanks, Nick and Ray!”

Cathi C.

Occupation: Surgical Nurse, Dominican Hospital
Location:Capitola, CA
Age: 46
Treatment: Total Knee Replacement
Outcome: “After 5 ½ years of constant pain, inability to lead an active life, and severe limitations in my ability to participate in my children’s activities I received a total ankle replacement.  Dr. Nicholas Abidi effectively gave me my life back.  Two and a half years later I walk, mountain bike, practice yoga, swim and surf with my daughters.  I am pain free and grateful beyond belief.”

Jonie S.

Location: Capitola, CA
Age: 68
Treatment: Total Hip Replacement
Outcome: “I was able to return to work in 2 ½ weeks using just a cane.  I only used the cane for a week, and full mobility returned within a month.  I am extremely happy with the results.”

Josephine R.

Location: Soquel, CA
Age: 83
Treatment: Total Hip Replacement
Outcome: “My left knee replacement was successful.  Therapy was great and I am feeling better than ever!  My right knee was replaced in 2008.  My balance was poor, but after the left knee was also replaced my balance improved drastically.  I am walking, using a stationary bike every day, and attending three physical fitness/yoga classes per week.  Increased mobility and activity has resulted in improved overall health.  I am grateful to Dr. Abidi, and all the staff, for making such a big difference in my well-being.”

Nancy S.

Location:Soquel, CA
Age: 59
Treatment:Total Hip Replacement
Outcome: “Before my surgery for hip replacement, by Dr. Abidi, I had been in chronic pain for years – it would wake me in the night and my pillow would be wet with tears.  I had always been an athletic person – horseback teacher and trainer, sports, etc.  After surgery I was on the horses three months later.  Within a year I could jog the beach for 2-3 miles, 5 days a week, and I still do 4 years later!  Don’t fear the surgery – fear not having the surgery.  I finally have my life back!”

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